Day 15

Birgit was suffering with her back and I didn’t want to walk all the way back into town for dinner last night, so we had a picnic in our room, which was great fun. Leone came to visit before her dinner, and may stay another day and leave with us on Saturday.
I had the best night’s sleep in a long time and we were up and out for breakfast by 8, soon joined by Richard and Jean. Richard, Birgit and I took a taxi to Decathlon and then to the hospital for Birgit’s back. We then split up to sightsee and visit yet more shoe/boot shops and, of course, the farmacia. I was unsuccessful in my search for suitable footwear so will continue on with my sandals until I can maybe find some in Leon. Birgit will be on the bus for the next two days as she has a pinched nerve in her back. What a load of old crocks we are.
Burgos is a beautiful city and we saw it in all its glory today, with sunny skies and 25C. The cathedral takes your breath away and each street has a wonderful mixture of old and new.
We have treated ourselves to another night of starched white sheets and duvets, wifi in bed and a bathroom all to ourselves (pilgrim luxury). Tonight we will have dinner together and then off walking again tomorrow. My feet have calmed down today and I hope for a better day’s walking tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed.










12 thoughts on “Day 15”

  1. Maybe the problem is that you’re walking with your toes crossed 😉

    Glad to hear the ol’ plates are feeling a bit better today. Love you xxx

    1. Thanks Caro, I’m getting braver with the steep bits. You know what a wimp I am on rocky ascents/descents. Lovely to hear from you. x

  2. Hope all’s well tomorrow. We have starched sheets in a pilgrim hostel for 12.50 euros (hostel Tomar 2300), all new and sparkly and very well run. No boots in decathlon? Take care. Xx

  3. Wow Maggie, that’s some hostel! Nothing for wide feet in my size I’m afraid. Will try new taping and boot tying tomorrow. Trial and error. Glad your trip is going well. You are a star. xx

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