Day 23 Mansilla de las Mulas to León. 19k/12m

It’s bonkers when you think that 12m is a short walk.
We weren’t hungry last night so we just had bread, cheese, sardines and some wine for dinner in the garden of the Albergue. The Hospitalera spends the evenings treating the feet of any peregrino in need. I took my turn and she spent some time sorting them out. Everyone has their own version of blister management, and she eschews the use of compeed. She uses a version that I like and she was able to treat and dress my blisters (including a ‘family’ of 5 on one heel). She gave me cream and extra dressings and wouldn’t take even a donation. When she had finished for the evening, she got a resounding round of applause from all the peregrinos in the garden area.
We had the worst night’s sleep so far on the Camino, with a smelly, snug room of 12 pilgrims. The window end was just 5 women and we had talked and agreed to keep the window open. Later a group of older, rowdy men joined us. They were very noisy and wanted the window closed. We resisted this and were glad, as later, when they were asleep (and no less noisy), the place was so stuffy. At 2a.m. One of them had a hissy fit and stropped over (in his underpants) to the window and bashed it shut. At 5.30a.m he was still complaining about the it. Birgit and I dressed and packed quickly and were on the road by 6.20. Leone had decided to bus the rest of the way to León. We thought no more about the men until later in the morning, just before León, when we saw them looking into a bush at the side of the track. They had spotted an injured young deer and were in the process of informing the authorities (who arrived very promptly) and guarding Bambi. So our frowns turned to smiles. All is forgiven, unless, of course, we share a dorm again.
After starting out this morning, we walked 6k before finding a cafe with pain au chocolate for breakfast and then walked on all the way to León. The early morning was cold enough for coat, gloves etc, but by 10.30, we were in shirtsleeves. The route was mostly a track next to a very busy road and then through the streets of the city. We arrived just after Leone at about 11.30 and were met at the gate of the convent by Richard and Canadian Francis. It was great to see them again. The queue for the Albergue was enormous. We spent some 35mins in the line before being shown to an all female dorm, where we three have beds next to each other, and both Leone and I have bottom bunks (gold dust). We hope to look around the rest of the old town and the cathedral before having dinner with the men tonight.










4 thoughts on “Day 23 Mansilla de las Mulas to León. 19k/12m”

  1. Pfft. Only 12 miles? 😉
    It must be good to have a relatively early finish. Enjoy your afternoon and evening xxx

  2. You got the cycle jerseys up. Haha – excellent! Thank you. You should take pictures of their bikes, too, so I can see what they’re doing it on.
    Lovely to chat on Skype tonight xxx

  3. They had hired bikes (no chance to photo as they left just after we insisted that they pose for us) and only realised after going back to the hire place for something else that their pump didn’t fit the tube valves. Disaster averted by happenstance. Xxx

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