Day 21 Terradillos de Templarios to Calzadilla de los Hermanillos. 27k/17m

Halfway or half empty?
When John Brierley described today’s route as “rough earth tracks across remote bush”, he wasn’t kidding. The morning was great, as we had an early start and there was a wonderful stop 3k out with a breakfast of brown bread rolls, butter and cheese (manna to pilgrims, this country, wonderful as it is, has a serious lack of brown bread) and then a stop in Sahagun for a hot drink. We had a very strong wind behind us for the a.m., pushing us across the senda with its force at times. The afternoon was another matter altogether. As we crossed the official halfway point, (where my initial joy was replaced with, bloody hell, I’ve got to do all that again), the wind dropped and the sun took the opportunity to do its worst on my poor feet. The track was rocky, stony and seemingly endless, with no shade to speak of. Birgit had booked us places in a private Albergue, so again we had no need to panic about no beds, but by the time we arrived, we were all contemplating the glories of taking the bus tomorrow. The Albergue is run by a wonderful lady who cannot do enough for us. Leone and I have a shared room with a shower and Birgit is in a room of four with separate male and female facilities. It costs 15€ each! but we don’t care. We feel like we’re in Albergue heaven. Maybe after a rest we’ll all be ok to walk on again tomorrow, we’ll see!











2 thoughts on “Day 21 Terradillos de Templarios to Calzadilla de los Hermanillos. 27k/17m”

  1. It must be so hard, to do all that walking when the sun’s at its hottest. It’s been warm here today, and despite my continuing efforts at thinning her fur out, Tess spent much of the day panting like it was her last.
    Looking at the map, it’s amazing how far you’ve walked. Such a fantastic effort.
    Oh, and can you stop in places with shorter names, please? I’m having trouble fitting them on the map 😉 G xxx

  2. You’ll be looking forward to Léon then! We’re feeling a little rested now and looking forward to a quiet dinner and a restful night. This place is such a haven, and we really needed that today. We have all three decided to walk tomorrow. We look out for each other, which makes such a difference. Xxxx

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