Day 24

They say that you’re at your lowest ebb at 3a.m., which was when I realised that I had a painful and swollen heel, which I couldn’t lower to the floor. I had a “why me?” self-indulgent blubby moment before deciding to sort myself out. I took my sorry self, sleeping bag and i-pad into the next room and used to find and book a cheapish but well reviewed hotel for the next two nights. By the time Leone and Birgit were up I was sorted.
They were so sweet to me as they left to join the boys for their walk today.
I found my hotel and by 10 a.m. I was in my very comfortable room, with a beautiful view of the back of León Cathedral from the Juliet balcony.
I saw the doctor later (thanks to Tourist Info) and was dealt with and bandaged and told not to “Camino” for three days. I Skyped Gerald and he gave me the benefit of his techie genius to find the Rome Tennis finals for me to watch in the afternoon.
I’ll see how I am after tomorrow and make my plans then.
The photo below is the view of León Cathedral from my window.



4 thoughts on “Day 24”

  1. Sorry to hear about the heel, Annie – how frustrating. Of all the places to convalesce, though, it looks like you could hardly have found a prettier one! Hope you feel better soon. xx

  2. Thanks Hannah.
    Looks like my walk is over as still can’t put heel down. Long journey home today. Have had a great adventure so not too disappointed. Give Paul a hug from me. xx

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