Day 22 Calzadilla de los Hermanillos to Mansilla de las Mulas. 25k/16m

Farewell to the Meseta
We three dined with Volker (German) last night and enjoyed a tasty meal. A young German man came in at about 7.30 as he had got lost in the afternoon and had traipsed across fields and along the motorway and had covered many more kms than necessary. We had noticed that the usually reliable signage was confusing when two paths crossed. Leone and a man we met saved the day and we successfully navigated the bridge over the motorway and found the right path. I don’t know how I would have coped if we had had the bad luck of the poor young man. He looked totally exhausted.
The path today was 24k with no stops or services, so we decided to have breakfast at the Albergue and took plenty of water with us. Leone ensured that we took breaks for water and rest at regular intervals. The path was on the Calzada Romana/Roman Road, and Brierley promised us, “no asphalt, no sendas, no town, no village, no farmyard, no house and 80% traffic free walking”. We crossed over to an alternate path at Reliegos and were so pleased as we found Bar Elvis, a surreal place and great fun.
The last 5k into town were seemingly endless and when we reached our Albergue we had to convince the Hospitalera that we had ‘reservado camas’ as she was turning people away as they were ‘completo’.
We showered, did our laundry and repaired to a bar down the street as the wifi wasn’t working (too many 20 something’s hogging it).












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