Day 16. Burgos to Rabé de las Calzados. 13.3k/8 m

Return to Senda (sorry, couldn’t resist).

After dinner last night we were walking back and Jean (Dutch) asked if I wanted him to look at my feet. He explained that he is a trained Sports Therapist, so, hey, why not. He gently but firmly coerced my eight little
suppurating stinkers (aka blisters) into some sort of order. He dressed the worst ones and swathed my feet in Elastoplast. Us three women then watched a youtube video on lacing our boots to avoid heel slippage (we know how to live).
This morning Leone and I left Burgos a half an hour later than our other three, who were cracking on to do 30k today. Birgit will spend two more days in Burgos and then bus to meet up with the fast ones. Us oldies planned on walking to Rabė only as it was just before the climb on to “the wilderness of the sublime Meseta” (Brierley). My feet hurt, but nowhere near as much as before, but 8m was enough. The temperature at midday was 26C and climbing. Hopefully further tomorrow. We shall see.
The initial part of our walk was through the outskirts of the city but eventually our feet were treated to a sandy senda, lined with small fields, mostly of cereals and some grass/fodder. The Way is still pretty crowded, with rumours abounding of no vacancies at end-stage towns. That was no concern for us today, particularly for Leone, who had prudently sent on her pack and reserved a bed.
Our Albergue is the second one in town, the other is donativo. The facilities are very good, with shower gel in the bathroom (look, us pilgrims are so easy to please), and other sweet touches to make life simpler and easier. Bed and dinner are 16€. The wifi is “lento, lento”, so we repaired to the only bar in town and spent a couple of hours on our i-pads. We had seen a young woman dressed in black and red and with a group of excited white clad people around her. We had chanced upon another bride to be. She came into the bar and asked everyone to come out and wish her “Buen matrimonio”. Our drinks came with a gift of a Miraculous Medal each.
We have met a Bulgarian and French lady, both of whom started today. Leone is pretty sure that the French woman is a Sister. We will see later if her nun-dar is accurate.













6 thoughts on “Day 16. Burgos to Rabé de las Calzados. 13.3k/8 m”

  1. Wow Annie, I can’t believe how far you’ve walked already, keep up the good work and just take it slowly and look after those feet. Hasta luego x

    1. Thanks Ana, that’s so encouraging. I’m trying a little longer each day but no more 30k days. Got my sensible head (and feet) on. x

  2. Laughed at “nun-dar”. Glad your feet are a little better. Look after them. Love the photos. I’ll update the header image 🙂

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