Day 14. Villafranca Montes de Oca to Agés. 15k/9m (then Burgos by taxi).

Last night I cooked alongside a Korean, a Swede and a Spanish man. He was very methodical with his vegetables and meat, all in rows on a plate, ready to fry and he was drinking a cerveza at the same time. I tried to say to him that he cooks like my husband but I think that he thought I was either proposing or trying to pinch his beer.
Rustling and headlights were in evidence from 4a.m. I left at 6.30 and there were some who had been gone two hours by then. The approach to the Montes de Oca is a rough and steepish track, with uneven ground and many boulders. Even with their headlamps it would be a difficult and dangerous climb in the dark. Dawn was breaking as I left. I knew that the track was challenging in parts today, so had my boots on for the first time in three days. My feet have swollen so much that there was discomfort and pain immediately. I didn’t enjoy today at all. Each step was slow and painful. I made it over the three montes and stopped at Agés. I felt so dispirited. I changed into my sandals but the damage had been done. I decided that I would taxi to Burgos as the last section is on punishing Tarmac and I had so had enough. I found a bar where the owner is also the town’s unofficial taxi driver and she drove me to Burgos. Richard had texted that they had arrived in Burgos and wanted to know if I would like to share a room in a hotel with them. My taxi driver found me an economical hotel and after many texts five of us were ensconced in two clean en-suite rooms for 25€ each. I must decide what to do tomorrow. Will I do the rest in my sandals or buy bigger shoes/boots in Burgos or what?  They are all walking into town for dinner tonight but I will stay and rest my awkward appendages.






4 thoughts on “Day 14. Villafranca Montes de Oca to Agés. 15k/9m (then Burgos by taxi).”

  1. I’m feeling for you Annie. Nothing worse than pounding out the km’s on sore and swollen feet. Good luck with new boots. Elly is soaking her feet in water as hot as she can bear with tea tree oil and giving them a good massage. Seems to be helping.
    Beautiful sunrise pic.

  2. Lovely photos again. We really get a flavour for what it’s like.
    I’m sorry you’re suffering with your feet. This didn’t happen with your training. Whatever you need to do, do it. Your health is paramount. xxx

  3. Thanks G. I’d dearly love to transcend the physical and see/ experience more as I am travelling across this stunningly beautiful country. I’ll Skype again today. xxx

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