Day 17. Rabé de las Calzados to Hontanas. 18.5k/11.5m

If you can’t beat them…..
The Peruvian girl in our dorm got up at 4.30a.m and was off and out by 5. I was wide awake anyway, so I was on my way by 5.15. An Italian woman was leaving at the same time, so we walked together for the first hour, using her torch. It was so much better walking in such cool conditions but it was eerie in the dark. I intended to stop after 7k for breakfast, but everything was closed (Sunday), so I carried on to Hontanas. I had a very late breakfast and was considering doing 6k more to reach the next Albergue, but on checking in my guide, I saw that it is donativo, a convent, ‘basic’ and with no electricity. The Alberque here has wifi, a bar, hot showers, a washing machine and a three course pilgrim menu for tonight. A no-brainer then.
The route today was more of a gradual incline than a climb, taking us on to the Meseta. The land features field after field of crops. There are very few villages and no shade at all, so it was great that today was cooler and cloudy, ideal walking conditions. My feet were tender but are a little better each day.
We have a party of French people in our dorm, one of whom had an accident this morning. She told me in fast French, so this is an approximation of what she may have said. She tripped on a loose bootlace and fell flat on her face. She has been to hospital and has a broken nose. Her face is badly bruised already, heaven knows what she’ll look like tomorrow. Her Camino is over. A young (26) Swiss woman has arrived and Leone was just behind her. The Albergue is now full and it’s only 1p.m.







4 thoughts on “Day 17. Rabé de las Calzados to Hontanas. 18.5k/11.5m”

  1. That’s a great walk! Good idea to walk early in the morning when it’s cooler, and spend more time resting. Make sure you get enough sleep, though 🙂
    I’m so proud of you xxx

  2. Happy (American) Mother’s Day, Annie! It’s great reading about your adventures on the Camino; lovely pictures, too. xx

    1. Thanks Hannah. I met two American ladies this afternoon who told me it was Mother’s Day. One of them has walked part of the AT. This is a walk in the park for her. Give my lovely son a hug from me please. Xx

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