Day 9

Lazy day.
When you stay in an Albergue, everyone is asked to be out by 8a.m. Mr Steponmyfoot was in the next bed to me but I managed to get out the other side and dress without incident. He and many others were walking today, so left at 7’ish and we packed and sorted ourselves and were on our way in to town by 7.30. We managed to leave our packs in the hotel and wandered around Logrono until 12.30. We visited the beautiful cathedral and found a tiny Michelangelo painting. There were also peculiar and cheap looking mock candles to “light” by inserting 20c in the box. Mass was being said in the chapel at the back so we heard really lovely chanting as we looked and marvelled.
We spent an hour in the hotel lounge waiting for our room to be cleaned and watched as a young woman and her friends gathered for her hen party. She was covered in green balloons and later they all emerged in black and red with knee high leather boots. Our room (75 euros for us three) turned out to be almost like a suite, with a double bed in one room for me, a fabulous bathroom with a huge shower and another room with twin beds. We have the extra bonus of a balcony with views of the cathedral. Result! The rest of the afternoon was blissful, with long showers, foot “operations” involving lighters and needles and plenty of lying down and reading. Tonight we meet together with two other friends to have a farewell meal for Chris. As we are in the Tapas capital of Spain, the choice is simple.












11 thoughts on “Day 9”

  1. Annie, been following you every day. Glad to hear you are enjoying being in Logrono as we love it as that is where our friends live. We know you will enjoy the tapas tonight as much as we do, the mushrooms are amazing, as is the tortilla patata and patata bravas.

    1. Thanks so much Ernie, Catherine and Catrina. Logrono is great and the day after tomorrow I hope to be in Santo Domingo De Calzada. I’ll say hello to the chickens for you.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. I think you need days like this every so often, and you certainly deserve it.
    Everything OK here.
    Have a lovely sleep, and a good day tomorrow xxx

  3. Hope you have a lovely relaxing “day off”, you’re doing a great job, well done. I’m really enjoying your blog and the photos, (the lady with the balloons reminded me of a bunch of grapes!). Really envious about your tapas tonight, looking forward to the next instalment, until then Feliz Caminar.

    1. Thanks for your lovely message Ana. It really makes a difference when I get such encouraging messages. Your country’s so beautiful.x

  4. Hi Annie. What a lovely day you’ve had, the cathedral sounds amazing. Pamela is also reading your blog, so we updated all the girls at quilting on your progress yesterday. They were so pleased to hear news of your travels, and we raised a cream cake to you! Sarah xx

    1. Oh Sarah, the picture of you lovely quilty ladies raising a cake to me made me chuckle. It’s strange but I seem to crave savoury food here, so unlike me, as you know! I hope the preparations for your move are going as smoothly as possible. x

  5. Sounds like having the odd day off is the right thing to do to refresh for the coming days. Not sure I understand (nor want to) about the “foot operations” involving lighters and needles, though!! **shudder**

    Your hotel room sounds luxurious 🙂

    Buen Camino.

    1. Marianne, you wouldn’t want to know! I promise, no pictures. If an Albergue has a garden it’s guaranteed to be full of basking pilgrims oblivious to the numerous operations going on around them.

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