Day 10. Logroño to Nájera. 30.1km/18.8m

Serves me right.
We met our friends at the Cathedral to say a sad goodbye to Chris, who begins his journey home today. It was then a mild but very windy morning with one third of it alongside busy main roads. I had a break at Navarette, which is where I met up with Gerald for a mid trek break last year.
As the afternoon wore on, my feet swelled and the blisters were so sore. I should have stopped at Ventosa, but stubbornly and stupidly walked on to Nájera. We were late getting to town, so ended up in the very basic but friendly donativo/donation Albergue. I was exhausted and managed to shower(cold the only option) and then it was straight to bed. I had plenty of water and some nuts and raisins and rested. The beds are the usual wooden bunk beds but here they are pushed together in pairs. This means that you could be cheek to cheek with a stranger. I was lucky to share this space with sweet little Andrea.









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