Packing List

Camino Packing List

Trousers (Reebok cheapies, had them years)
Sloggi pants and bra
Liner and thick socks
Long-sleeved shirt
Marmot Precip Jacket
Merrell Calia Mid boots
Tilley Hat
Identity wristlet (contact nos, blood group etc)
Neck wallet (money, passport, pilgrim psport, bank,E111,debit cards)
Pacer poles

In jacket pockets
1x pocket tissues pack
Lip salve
i Phone
2x stones

In OMM 32l pack
Over trousers
Yeti 1 Sleeping bag (still feel guiltyish as expensive)
Spare glasses
Factor 50 in sml travel pot
Long sleeved shirt
2x liner and 1x outer socks
Merino base layer top and leggings
3x pants

1/2 bar soap
Sml shampoo (hotel size)
Deodorant (stick, in ziplock, no container)
Elastic twisted Clothesline
Towelx2 (facecloth size)
Toothpaste and brush
Moisturiser (face)
Sml comb
Sea to Summit hanging washbag (2nd hand ebay find)
Paracetamol (4 tabs)
Imodium (4 tabs)
Foot Tape x2
Foot cream
Half tube antiseptic cream
2x needles and thread ( blisters and mending)
Kuhnrikon knife
European plug with 2x USB outlets
2x Apple connector wires
1/2 toilet roll
3x stuff sacs

In bumbag:
ipad mini and waterproof cover ( Kindle app with guidebook, PDFs, copies of insurance docs etc)
Onya backpack (for food buying when possible. I’m a vegetarian and want to eat better and cheaper than last year)
Day money (in ziplock)

Backpack weighs 7lbs and bumbag 2.5lbs

Water and food to be added.


10 thoughts on “Packing List”

    1. Thanks Barbara. I’m excited and nervous too. All I need to do now is to keep up with my training and stop mucking about with my pack. Makes a difference knowing others are following along.

  1. Will your knife get through security? You’ve got the weight down really well. I haven’t got to the stage where I can do a final calculation yet, but it will be heavier than yours. I found it useful last year to take some really cheap food bags (not zip lock variety) good for food and many other things. You’re being very positive re the number of painkillers you’re taking. I was popping them constantly for the first 2-3 weeks. You’re not taking a poncho? It’s a definite on my list for this year after many soakings last year. I am being given a very posh and expensive poncho to review. It is a bit heavy but hopefully worth the weight. Great list – thanks for sharing.
    Maggie x

  2. The poncho just doesn’t appeal. I wore my over trousers every day bar one last year, which kept legs and boot tops dryish and my marmot precip is great. The amount of tablets is hopefully enough to get me to the nearest farmacia if necessary! Are you taking the posh poncho(Altus?) on your CP?
    I should have said that it was my latest packing list as there’s a steady re-arranging jobbie going on in my head constantly and some items have yoyoed in and out several times.

    1. Posh poncho has been jettisoned – too heavy and not purpose built. I have however designed a solution that I hope will work out and save weight. If it works I shall report back – I’m almost hoping for some rain now so I can test it!

  3. Hey Annie, what’s with the 2 stones in your jacket pockets?? Graham’s suggestions were 1) to make your jacket hang nicely, 2) to add some heft to your fists if you have to hit anyone or 3) to throw at wild dogs. Please say there’s a better reason!

    Sarah xx

    1. Hi Sarah. Nice try Graham. They’re to leave at Cruz de Ferro. One from Pamplona from last year and the other from the beach here. Think of me on Friday at Quilting. I’ll be huffing and puffing upwards on my first day and you lot will no doubt be chatting and eating cakes. X

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