I’ve been training for my Camino Frances since Christmas, mostly accompanied by my walking partner/friend/neighbour Sue, with average weekly walking distances of 30-45 miles. I’ve bought a pair of Merrell mid boots, which I’ve done some 50 miles in but want to save them for the 500+ miles of my trip. My foot regime is sports stick and some taping of the usual trouble spots and a double socks (Coolmax liners and padded Bridgedales). I suffered badly with blisters last year, so have researched and tried out a few preventative methods. It seems to work, so I’m hoping that this is still the case with the relentless day on day pounding of the Camino. Fingers/toes crossed!

I look at the long range Accuweather forecast for SJPdP daily. Just a tiny indication of my current obsession. It concerns me somewhat that there are thunder storms forecast for my two days.


2 thoughts on “Preparations.”

  1. Annie, I also have purchased merrell Moab ventilators for my next camino. I have read a couple of reviews from walkers that they are comfortable straight out of the box, but when carrying extra weight in the form of a backpack they performed differently, and caused problems. I haven’t worn them with my pack yet, but will do so in the next couple of weeks.

    1. I wanted Merrell Moabs Maggie but could only find mens ones which just didn’t work for me. I’ve got Calia mids, which are fine so far. Hope yours perform well with your pack weight. They’re very popular on the forum. I’ve changed my mind many times re waterproof or not etc. the proof of the pudding etc will no doubt prevail. Thanks for my very first comment.

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