Day 19. Boadilla del Camino to Carrión de los Condes 26.5k/16.5m

Carrión Caminoing
The post dawn walk was beautiful for the first hour, alongside the Canal de Castilla, with birdsong and a lonesome cuckoo as my company. The final 18k were on what Brierley calls either “the soulless senda”, or “pilgrim autopistas”, which consists of a track next to a busy road for mile after mile. Birgit had bussed to Carrión and had booked beds for Leone and I (Leone wanted to leave later today), so we had no concerns about finding somewhere to sleep. The San Vincente de Paul nuns run a wonderful Albergue, with separate dorms and facilities for men and women. A huge plus is that all the beds are ordinary single beds, no bunks! We have three injured women in our dorm with torn ligaments and other leg injuries. One of them had hired a bike in Burgos, and the other two are holed up here for a few days and hoping to walk then. My blisters are nothing compared to what they are going through. They are all so positive and cheerful and inspirational. The first 18k tomorrow has no facilities or stops, so we will buy provisions before our dinner tonight. Birgit will send her pack on with Jacotrans and will attempt the walk with us.






5 thoughts on “Day 19. Boadilla del Camino to Carrión de los Condes 26.5k/16.5m”

  1. Sounds like you are getting back into your stride again now, Annie. The scenery and architecture have looked fabulous throughout, thanks for the photos.
    By the way, Friday June 13 will be my last quilting day before The Move North.

    1. Thanks Sarah. It’s good to be able to enjoy it more now. Spain is amazingly beautiful. I’m fully intending to be back for your farewell. You will be sorely missed. x

    1. Hi Annie, I just love reading your daily notes. You are so brave well done. I am away for weekend will catch up on Monday. Have another great day. Peggy xx

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