Day 13. Belorado to Villafranca Montes de Oca. 13km/8ml

Jack Jones
Six of us rattled around in last night’s 40 bed Albergue. It was newly opened but housed in a building that’s several hundred years old with amazingly thick walls, beams and inside shutters. The young couple who run it are friendly and so eager to please but the service was amusingly chaotic, hardly surprising after just four days. The young señora can really cook. Dinner was excellent but breakfast hadn’t appeared by seven, so I decided to get going.
Leone is bussing to Burgos for two days recuperation and the others texted to say that they are walking 25km today. As this includes the three Montes de Oca, I decided to only walk to the last Albergue before them and have a short day. I’m also still walking in sandals so it will be boots again tomorrow for the climbs.
Today is warmer with a clear sky and an afternoon temperature of 25C. I am now walking alone as my lovely group has gone on ahead but part of me is relieved. I think that Richard in particular felt responsible for Leone and I and I was concerned that he and the others were capable of a faster pace and longer days. I will miss their company very much but hopefully I’ll see them on the road somewhere or in Santiago. Angela from Canada, who I met on the road yesterday, gave me a hug and we had breakfast together. I also met Bill from Canada at the same bar. He is a skinny Colonel Sanders lookalike and gently formal. He shook my hand before loping off.
I have found a Municipal Albergue and will cook a meal for myself tonight as there is a supermercado next door. It’s 5 euros for a clean bed in a dorm of 20 and free wifi.
Later in the afternoon in walked Mr and Mrs Howyou (that’s what I call them in my head). They are a Japanese couple who were in the garden with me several days ago. I was discretely ( so I thought) sorting out my feet when he came over and had a good old look. He then called his wife to have a shooftie. If he’d got his camera out I’d have become a homicidal pilgrim. Anyway, naughty me, because they bow every time they pass me on the trail and invariably say, ” how you, how feet?” And that’s how they greeted me in the dorm.
I noticed today that I have seen my waist, which has been MIA for a couple of decades. Maybe it’s because there seems to be a 2 to 1 ratio of men to women on the Camino, but there are many overheard conversations, mainly involving men, discussing their weight and loss of “gut” on this trip. Makes me smile anyway.






6 thoughts on “Day 13. Belorado to Villafranca Montes de Oca. 13km/8ml”

  1. Hi Annie. You are so easy to get along with, I’m sure you’ll meet more new friends on your journey. That must be part of the pleasure, actually. Have to say I think I’d prefer to be one of six in a 40-bed Albergue than in a 20-bed dorm! And is that photo of a bottle of red wine all yours, or did you have to share??

  2. Erm, share Sarah (oh no, what’s happening to my nose?) Actually I shared it with a thirsty Spanish cyclist. Not much language in common but we managed a cheery shared lunch. He looked about my son’s age so I took pity. Thanks for the sweet comments. x

  3. Hoping you have a good day tomorrow up and down those mountains. It was lovely to see you and speak to you today xxx

  4. Hi Annie. We have also taken a short day today, and are staying in a lovely ancient manor house. I didn’t have any choice – there ae no albergues on this route yet – honest!
    Hope your feet are well on the way to recovery. What date do you expect to be in Santiago? At the rate we are going, we may well coincide. It would make my camino if I got to meet you. Maggie xx

    1. At today’s pace I might make it by Christmas Maggie. I’m planning on a visit to Decathlon and maybe some new balance or larger merrell’s. I had no bother training in UK but heat, terrain and day on day have made their mark. So frustrating as I feel stronger.
      I would love it too if we could meet. Let’s keep each other posted. xx

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