Day 12. Santo Domingo de Calzada to Belorado. 23k/14m

Clouds are good.
It was me that was the guilty one in our room last night, waking myself and everyone else with a nightmare. They all assured me this morning that they’d gone back to sleep straight away. We left Santo Domingo at about 7.30 and walked 7k before breakfast. I am even slower than before because of my poor old feet. The senda was mostly stony farm track again, with a good half of it next to the busy A-120. There was little shade, so I was grateful that today was so cloudy. Richard and Canadian Francis dropped back to walk the final 7k with me, which was so good. Richard wanted to get to an 18euro Albergue (Birgit and Andrea were already there), which has a swimming pool (and breakfast included). I was happy to go along with them but we came across Leone at a new small one. She had been unwell today, so that and my feet were enough reasons for me to stay put. Leone visited the doctor and has antibiotics. Our Albergue has been open for four days only. A young couple are running it. It’s clean, newly painted, has hot showers and dinner, bed and breakfast come to 14euros. What’s not to like?






7 thoughts on “Day 12. Santo Domingo de Calzada to Belorado. 23k/14m”

  1. Pleased that you’ve fetched up in a lovely Albergue (can you tell I’m reading Ian McEwan?) If you need to take things slowly, you should, and rest your feet.
    It’s lovely to read your blog again, after a WiFi-free layoff. Take care xxx

    1. Thanks darling. I write the blog off-line and upload when I can The photo syncing thingy you did is great. I’m going to see how I am in the morning. I’ll text you. Xxxxx

  2. Hi Annie, just caught up on your last few days. Sorry to her that your feet are so sore. Poor you.

    That scene in that first photo features in so many posts, there must be something about seeing that view that inspires us all to get snapping.

    I sincerely hope your feet recover very soon. When are you stopping for hospitalero duties?
    Maggie xx

    1. Thanks for finding the time Maggie whilst on your travels. Tomorrow a short day I think. No hospitalero duties for me. 5 weeks away from home is more than enough. x

      1. I don’t know where I got that idea, I thought you were doing two weeks somewhere. Have a good night and I hope you enjoy your short day tomorrow, we’ve had one today – it was good!

  3. I have been keeping up with your tales and v much enjoying them, but am saddened that you are almost a martyr to your feet, or so it seems. Jo and I have less IT access than do you 2 trendies, so from Thursday onwards won’t be following your blog because we’ll be driving from Lancaster to Portugal….. I’d say good luck, but I don’t believe in it, so wish you very well instead.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and I hope your journey to and time in Portugal are fun. My feet will harden up, I’m luckier than some here with Achilles and shin splints etc.

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