Day 7. Estella to Los Arcos. 22k, 13.75m

Many times today Leone (Aussie nun) called out “ABH”, and sure enough, we would all look up to see Another Bloody Hill. After the obligatory photo op stop at Bodegas Irache, which has two taps for peregrinos, one with wine and the other with water, we had two choices of route, one being higher but almost 2k shorter. We took the high road and were rewarded with a climb to 720m, but through woodlands initially and then with beautiful views of pasture land and distant mountains. The weather was cloudy but warm enough for shirtsleeves, ideal weather for walking.
I went at my own pace and was walking alone for a good stretch of the day. I used my MP3 for the first time on long/high stretches (thanks G), and a mixture of Verdi and Abba spurred me on. I also took my boots off for two 20min breaks and was in a better state at the end of the day than I was yesterday. As it is a holiday today (Mayday), we were warned that our end stage town would be very crowded because of a festival tonight. We were lucky to get beds in an Austrian Albergue and have mattresses on the floor of the attic of this 200 year old building. It’s a quirky and really friendly place and it’s full of familiar faces including David (originally from Uxbridge but now living in Colorado). He’s a freelance wildlife photographer and a fellow heathen. I walked with him for some of yesterday and his stories of assignments in India and Japan in particular helped some miles to pass more swiftly.







10 thoughts on “Day 7. Estella to Los Arcos. 22k, 13.75m”

  1. Glad the MP3s helped a bit, and that your feet were a bit better today. Your blog is getting around 70 views a day, so there’s lots of support from back here. Did you see the email(s) from Johnny?

    1. Blimey, 70?? I will check e-mails, thanks, I hadn’t seen it. We have 25 dining together tonight apparently, in the main square, just before the festivities begin.I’ll be in bed by 9 tho, I can’t party and

  2. Glad the knee is holding out, aand you have some music to listen too. Youre doing so well, i amfollowing your footsteps with pride and awe of our strong you are. Love pat and neil xxxx

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