Day 6. Puente la Reina to Estella. 22k/13.75m

I felt so strong after my “rest” day yesterday. My knee didn’t play up but I had three blisters to contend with. The morning was beautiful as we set out at 7 a.m. across the puente towards Estella. There was no rain and gradually it grew so warm that we were walking in shirtsleeves. We had breakfast after 7km and many others joined us at a tiny cafe where we ate croissants and pain au raisin whilst sitting on a wall or benches. Many conversations and laughter ensued. The terrain is becoming more rolling hills rather than the steep climbs of the past few days and we passed vineyard after vineyard and walked through beautiful old villages with narrow streets with the ubiquitous church at its zenith. All was good until about 18k into the walk when my feet became swollen and sore. I did the Camino Shuffle into Estella and collapsed onto my bunk totally spent. The Alberque is a pretty basic Municipal one and became full by 3p.m. I showered and crawled back to my bunk and the guy opposite me accidentally trod on my bare foot. I got into my sleeping bag and rolled over to face the wall and the tears flowed. I gave myself a talking to and then slept for an hour. Sweet Leone came to chat with me and all was well again. The 6 of us had another great evening of good conversation and adequate food at dinner. Two glasses of vino rosso numbed my feet beautifully.
Tomorrow I will see how I feel. I will walk at my own pace and stop when my body tells me to instead of trying to keep up with our lovely gang.








9 thoughts on “Day 6. Puente la Reina to Estella. 22k/13.75m”

  1. Some days are hard on pilgrims. Your poor foot. I’m glad you’re going to go at your own pace. It’s such gorgeous countryside. I’m happy to follow along at any pace you choose.

  2. You’re doing GREAT! Keep going at WHATEVER pace is right for you. It’s YOUR Camino. There should be no pressure to do it any other way.

    1. Thanks Rick, it certainly seemed to work today and feels good to not feel stressed about keeping up. The fitter/younger ones waited for us at the three stops today, which was a bonus.

      1. Last year when I did the 500 miles, I was one of the slowest. Took me 7 weeks + 1 day. But when everyone’s passing you…you get to meet more people!

  3. We sat on that bench Annie!

    Always an issue, whether to walk with others at their pace or on your own at yours. You can always catch up at the end of the day.

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