Day 3. Roncesvalles to Zubiri. 24km/15m

I was awake from 4a.m. No logical reason for this as I was tired and it was fairly quiet in the Albergue in spite of some 200 peregrinos. The facilities were fabulous. I was thinking of quietly getting up when everyone was woken by a hospitalero with a guitar singing Morning has Broken. It was lovely. Everyone was smiling. As we all packed and sorted ourselves out he played and sang some great oldies. What a way to start the day.
Aussie Annie and family were walking 12k today so we said our goodbyes (they are house sitting a half hour drive from us in August so will come to the seaside for the day). I walked with my St Jean roommates, Leone the nun and Chris and Richard. They were excellent company on an undulating and muddy route. The track was mainly through forests and was beautiful. The last 5k was on the road, which was challenging but better than the precipitous and slippery alternative. My feet and legs were done by the time we reached the Albergue. I am in an eight bed room with seven men. Will there be snoring tonight? Time to try the earplugs.





7 thoughts on “Day 3. Roncesvalles to Zubiri. 24km/15m”

  1. Another great day. I’m so proud of you. How was the weather?
    Lots of people were asking about you at the fish theme night last night. Everyone was amazed that you’re doing such a distance.
    Pamplona tomorrow? Do you like the flags on your header?
    Thinking about, and missing, you. xxx

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