On my way to The Way.


Gerald and Tess walked me to Walton Station this morning. We said our goodbyes and I was  joined on the journey to Liverpool Street by Ed (pub book club).  We chatted  away and it perked me up as I was feeling a little down about leaving G for so long. Eurostar was packed but efficient and I managed to find my hotel (mainly thanks to G and Google Streetmap).  I had a picnic dinner of salad and a half bottle of rosé (ridiculously pleased that I managed to open the bottle with my pen knife attachment thingy).  Tomorrow is the journey all the way down to St Jean, which I’m really looking forward to.  Jo Nesbo’s latest book will keep me company tonight.



This one’s for Linda. It was in the same street as my Paris Hotel.




5 thoughts on “On my way to The Way.”

  1. So glad you got to Paris safe and sound. The pets are missing you – Tess looks sad, and Buddy is moaning a lot. I’m sure they’re missing you. Probably.
    I hope the journey tomorrow is OK. Keep me posted xxx

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